I run out of unique things to say. Or at least I feel like I do. Feeling like I gush over how cute and sweet each kid is (they really are–no lie), I’m going to try to avoid it in this post. On that note, here’s what REALLY happened during Elliot’s session. 1) The parents […]

Can you believe it’s the middle of December already? Grayson came to see me last week for some holiday photos in my home studio in Algonquin. G is almost 3 months old, which is a tough milestone to photograph. Typically, 3 month olds aren’t really able to pick their heads up too well, and they […]

Which do you like best? His eyes? His surfer-dude blonde hair? His puffy vest? His little gloves? That ADORABLE hat?? His tongue sticking out of his mouth??? I can’t pick. This little man came to see me at my home studio in Algonquin. Thankfully, it wasn’t too cold outside so we were able to hop […]





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