My face hurts, my wrists hurt, my eyes, even my fingers hurt. Everything hurts. WAAAHHH. Ya wanna know why? Blogging. Editing. Facebook posting. Re-branding my website (or at least compiling ideas to do so). It’s intense. OK, rant over. Quite frankly, I’m sick of my computer. I love taking photos, but it’s such a small […]

Hey Hallie, you’re in for a real treat. You happen to have the BEST big brother in the whole wide world. (Mom & Dad aren’t too bad either!) Being a Chicago area newborn photographer is a blast, and I think it’s the best job ever. There’s a lot that goes in to what makes these […]

My own kid, Cole, ┬áis sitting under my editing desk right now doing a “puzzle” (AKA eating the pieces) while I write this post, so bear with me. It’s sort of distracting because he keeps saying “Mom.Mom. MOOOMMMM” every 22 seconds. As a photographer in Algonquin, I’m fortunate to have my very own home studio. […]

I love Madelyn. Love LOVE Madelyn. Isn’t she lovely? (Cue Stevie Wonder) Miss M was one of the sleepiest newborns ever, but she didn’t love posing. Who can blame her, I don’t like being posed either. Madelyn was born right before Christmas but we stayed away from all the traditional holiday colors…thank goodness because “cheesy” […]





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