Things went right. Really, really right. Can I say perfect?  Below is a gallery. Look through each photo. Until the end. It gets better & better. SERIOUSLY. Go look at these stunning people and the images you get when we both partner and take time to plan a thought out photo session. When you book, […]

Whew. I was tired after Ava’s session, and she must have been, too. Sweet little Ava’s Mom gave me a ring when Ava was already a few weeks old, because they weren’t thrilled with the images the hospital photographer provided. At this point, Ava was technically considered “too old” for newborn pictures. Most photographers insist […]

Hey everyone!! Thanks for checking out Little Birdie Photography and reading my “blog”–it really means a lot that you’re here! I do my best to tell y’all about each session, just to give you a little insight as to how I work….bottom line… I shoot from the hip. I just want to have fun. And […]

Wowzer. Once in a while, (ok, often) a kid walks in to my studio that has the most beautiful, captivating eyes. Those eyelashes make me jealous….there is no mascara on Earth (not even L’Oreal’s ‘Voluminous’ brand) that could make my eyelashes as thick and gorgeous as Addie’s. I was able to squeeze in little miss […]

I should first post this disclaimer: As I sit on my couch working, I am watching Sister Act II while my 19 month old kid yells “OH WOW” and tries to type on my keyboard. He may or may not be only wearing a diaper because he has no clean pajamas–you can guess if he […]





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