I have been staring at these three faces for a few hours now, and I have to say, this family has some good ones. This is my second time photographing the B Family, and I’m still having a difficult time getting over how big their daughter, Gracie, has gotten. According to her Mama, Gracie’s really […]

Who remembers Parker, the adorable little dude from a few months back?? If you don’t, check him out over here. He’s back. He’s adorable. He’s got the best hair I’ve ever seen. Little man is going to be 1 year in just a few more months. WHOA did time fly. I’ve been looooving hanging with […]

Did I tell you? I’m tired. Today, I’m very, very tired. I preface this blog with the “I’m tired statement”, as I’m not going to proofread this, nor read it aloud to check for flow or sentence structure. And yes, I will tell you about this session, but first, I complain. MWAHAHA) because I’m tired. […]

Life is good, and all is well at Little Birdie Photography. Abbie’s mid-year photos were taken in my home studio, and her Mama and I decided to go for the “simple and classic” clean look with a light colored set up. Abbie has such big beautiful eyes, I wanted to make sure she was the […]

For those of you don’t know, (uhm, most of you??) I was a sorority girl. Correction: I AM a sorority girl. Sigma Kappa–the best. But I’m partial. (HOLLLLLAAAA!!!!) I spent 3.5 great years at Eastern Illinois University (yes, 3.5, I graduated early—please note, I am very intelligent). While I attended, all my time was spent […]





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