What up peeps? Haven’t been blogging much (AT ALL) lately. Been super busy. July is one of my busiest months as a photographer (and October–which is booked except like, err, one slot. Just eMail me, peeps)….everyday I’m shufflin’. (cue the dancing hamsters and Kia Soul’s). Best commercial. Anyway, I digress. Below you see Jillian, and […]

Whoa. 9 Months. This little dude is 9 months old. Seems like just yesterday he was in my studio for his newborn session….ahhh memories. Like the corners of my mind. (get it…nope…google it) It’s been awesome watching Grayson grow over the past year–it’s amazing to see him go from darker hair, to no hair, to […]

One of my BFF’s is having a baby. A sweet little girl. And they won’t tell me her name. She’ll probably have red hair, love the color pink and be covered in glitter at all times. That’s about all I can assume at this point. Just that, and the fact that she’s going to be […]

Mama’s aren’t in enough pictures, and it bums me out BIG time. Loved that Lindsay jumped in a few photos with her little girl, and how could she not—this Mom is one STUNNING chick!! She’s looking at her Mom. Seriously. Smooches are the best. Now you see where Addie gets her looks 😉





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