Guess who’s a big brother??? THIS GUY!! Two times over! I have a ton of super cute, snuggly, awesome photos from their session, but Mama’s been patiently waiting for almost 2 weeks now, so I’m just gonna go ahead and post πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I asked him if he liked his sister. I think he does.

Zoolander said it best: They are “really really really good looking”. I just loved hanging with these guys last week. OH, and I want to kidnap their dog. (See below for a pic of the cutest little doggie–that’s not that little). Dontcha just love the matte finish on the image above?? I gave these folks […]

  As I write this blog post, I am tearing. Not because the shoot wasn’t stunningly beautiful, due to my awesomely gorge clients, but because I have eaten 1/4 lb of wasabi peas (so far). But seriously, couldn’t you cry at their beauty? If I wasn’t already crying from the spicy peas, I probably would […]

We rescheduled the session 4 times (maybe more, I stopped counting)….because of rain. SERIOUSLY SUMMER?? Well, I really shouldn’t complain….so I won’t.Β It was the perfect afternoon, with the most lovely family. Fiona and Flynn are two kiddos that I won’t ever forget. Something about their great silly, fun, positive attitudes makes me smile when I […]





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