Not much needs to be said about this session. I’m a woman of few words (HA), so I’ll do my best to write about what this family means to me. Everything. There you have it. They mean everything to me. See, Nikki was my first friend, or at least the first I can remember. There […]

The details. I don’t have enough pictures of “the details”. Cole’s little fingers. His tiny toes. His belly button. Eyelashes. I could go on and on with what I’m missing. And it’s changed so much in the two short years he’s been around. I’m a photographer and I’m missing the details of my own son. […]

Y’all are getting super great at outfit styling….evidence seen below. This family rocked mint like it was nobody’s business!! And the fall leaves in McHenry county are this photographers dream. 2014 may be the best year ever for leaves, right?!? (Is it leafs? Leaves? I need to re-do 3rd grade…) AND THE LIGHT. OH THE […]

I’d like to pose a question to you all: am I the only person who watches Homeland?!?????? I feel like no one is talking about it, which is making me concerned. People need to watch it. My worst fear is that it will be taken off air and I’ll be so bored I’ll have to […]

This blog was set to go out yesterday, as I was simultaneously editing and cooking up some apps for a few people we were entertaining last night. WAS–the key word in that long run-on of a sentence. But, I smelled smoke, and my plans changed. To answer your questions: Yes, I did in fact burn […]





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