So, now I added these adorable videos to send to my clients when they get their galleries….can’ Being a maternity & baby photographer is really THE BEST job. How did I get so lucky?? Blessed. Actually, #blessed. (all the kids still do that ### thing, right?!)

How did another baby graduate from the milestone package?? 1st birthday photos are some of the most important and personal for a family, so I was thrilled when Mama suggested we do the session in there home near Barrington, IL. As a bonus, I got to hang out with Sophia’s darling little pup….how cute is […]

As a toddler photographer serving the Crystal Lake, Barrington and surrounding areas, I want you to know something. I shoot during two times of the day: 1) The butt crack of dawn (as seen in this blog). Sorta like, uhm, when everyone is still supposed to be sleeping. 2) The last hour when the sun goes […]

This family trekked out to see me from practically Chicago–Dad actually said to me “I have no idea where I am” during the session. Hilarious, if you ask me. We were at Raceway Woods in Carpentersville..hahaha. Not Mars. Hilarious how a 40 minute drive down the road can make you feel like you’re in another place. […]





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