9 Month Old Photographer in Lake Zurich, IL

Who remembers Parker, the adorable little dude from a few months back?? If you don’t, check him out over here.

He’s back.
He’s adorable.
He’s got the best hair I’ve ever seen.

Little man is going to be 1 year in just a few more months. WHOA did time fly. I’ve been looooving hanging with him over the past year, and getting to see those big blue eyes every few months. Makes me melt each time. Not to mention, his sessions are super easy to edit because he has flawless skin and the.best.facial.expressions.ever.

The first picture below is entitled “Get out of my face, Lady”.
Here are a few little samples from his session a few weeks back. What a stud. I want to keep him. Surely his parents would miss him..so I don’t think it’s going to happen.


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