Elgin Kids Photographer: Addie’s 6 Months!

Wowzer. Once in a while, (ok, often) a kid walks in to my studio that has the most beautiful, captivating eyes. Those eyelashes make me jealous….there is no mascara on Earth (not even L’Oreal’s ‘Voluminous’ brand) that could make my eyelashes as thick and gorgeous as Addie’s.

I was able to squeeze in little miss for a last minute 6 month session in my Algonquin photography studio. I’m super fortunate to have a space big enough in my home to have my sessions at. The studio that’s built on is in my basement, is fully furnished…and jammed with every prop imaginable. Super glad I got her in, that 6 month milestone is one of the most important one’s to capture (in my opinion). At 6 months ish, these kiddos really start developing such strong personalities, and I love capturing it through my lens.

Back to Addie’s session….Addie is legitimately once of the most stunning little one’s I’ve come to photograph yet. Her Mama was a sweet as pie…which makes sense why Miss Addie is one in the same. Look at that sweet little face….and EYELASHES!!!


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