“Algonquin Skies” Cloud Overlays: Family Photography Tricks and Tips

As of lately, Algonquin, IL and the surrounding McHenry County area is under a huge heat wave, or heat advisory, or whatever it’s called. It’s been absolutely miserable for my poor kiddo clients, but especially my Mama’s-to-Be.

I always tell clients, “hey, it’s OK if it’s cloudy”…but really, I want to be clear…when the heat gets crazy, (as it always does this time of year in the Midwest) it’s MUCH better for clouds to be out.  You’ll be happier and I’ll be happier (and cooler). Usually, we get a hot, humid, blazing sun day when we shoot, which casts shadows. Also, sun tends to overexpose photos, which makes more work for me post-session when I edit, but hey, you guys are worth it!!

Let’s get real. I like gloomy days. I can edit the sun IN easier than I can take sun out. But, no matter what the weather, I will get you GREAT, FUN, and BEAUTIFUL photos. I have a LOT of tricks up my sleeve to make 100% SURE this happens….Here’s one trick I just LOVE…and want to share it with you!

I am SUPER STOKED to bring you these “Montana Skies Cloud Overlays”. (Get the title of the post, Algonquin Clouds? HA-HA!) These overlays and solar flares allow me to get those amazing sunset photos at 10 AM. They allow me to add clouds, sunbursts, shadows, and so so so SO MUCH MORE.  Here’s an example of a 1 year photo session in which I edited clouds in to the photo. I will try to post more examples soon (if I remember to…:) ).

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