Barrington, IL Maternity Session {L+T}

I like to make people laugh during sessions. Like, belly laugh, almost to the point of crying. But, I won’t lie: it’s usually at my expense. Like, for example, if you bring your dog to your Barrington, IL maternity session, I’ll probably try to pet it. And it will probably try to bite me. And you’ll laugh, because there’s nothing like seeing a 5’10 woman become quickly afraid of an 8 lb terrier-type doggie. Like puppy Parker, during this maternity session you’ll see here below. He wasn’t into me, but I think his Mommy + Daddy will be happy with their photos, so it was all worth it in the end.

I like dogs. I like dogs in sessions. They add a layer of fun to the session that you just can’t replicate, say with children.The only benefit to photographing kiddos over animals is that typically children don’t bite. Have a dog, or a child you’d like to include in your Barrington, IL Maternity session? Bring ’em. The more the merrier. Especially if they aren’t biters!

Barrington, IL Maternity photos

Barrington, IL Maternity Photographer

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