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Hiya everybody…

Wanted to just write up a quick blog post to explain a little bit more about “Golden Hour”, or in simpler, non-photography terms, what is (in my opinion) the best time of day to do a photo session.

“Golden Hour” is typically described in “the biz” by the 1st and last hour of sunlight on any particular day. Any time the sun is below the horizon, there are significantly less shadows, due to the lessened amount of DIRECT sunlight hitting the subject. (In this case, subject = your kiddos ). If we shoot during “Golden Hour”, it gives a warmer coloring to your photos, resulting a prettier, cleaner, clearer and more beautifully colored photo as an end result.

Many times, you goofballs like to eMail me requesting sessions from 10-3 PM. I get it. You’ve got kids. And wake up times. Lunch times. Temper tantrum times. I get it.  I totally rally and can make any time work,  but will always try to push you earlier or later in the day. I want you to love what you get, and sometimes the hot beating sun on your 2 year old at 2 PM is cringe worthy in post-session editing.

If you are trying to capture A LARGE GROUP OF PEOPLE, I will almost always demand a non-mid day session.
Large groups = TOO MANY SHADOWS = cry baby photographer whining to her husband

I want to be super clear here. Just because I like (and want) to shoot during the “Golden Hour” doesn’t mean your photos are going to have a sunrise or sunset look to them (unless you specifically want that). Also, if you booked a shoot thats not at like, 830 AM or 6 PM, don’t stress. I get AWESOME photos out of every session at ANY time.

To figure out when a great time to shoot is, you’ve got options:

1) Contact me & ask….probably your easiest method.
2) Click HERE and use this calculator–then eMail me at with your requested appt.

Here are a few quick snaps from a 1st Birthday Party, taken during “Golden Hour”. Notice the glowy-ness of the kiddos???  Thanks for stopping by and remember….I’ve only got limited October and November sessions left!! XO

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