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Birthday Cake Sessions. I LOVE THEM, and do them often (but never blog them…cough cough, lazy). When people book 1st Birthday Cake Sessions with me, here’s what to bring/expect:
– Wipes. Your son or daughter is going to get very covered in cake
-Change of clothes for you, potentially. Your kid is going to want to be held at some point, maybe they’ll be covered in cake, and then you’ll be covered in cake.
-Water. Your kiddo needs a sip after he eats a half of a cake
-Consider the color of the dye you are using—blue frosting may make a blue face for the rest of the day. Hot pink is also super duper awesome at staining faces, clothes, and much, much more!!
-Your kid may hate cake. Understand that I can’t guarantee your child likes playing in/eating birthday cake. If they don’t have sweets a ton, they might be “sugar shocked”. They might cry the whole time and get freaked out by the texture. Usually not the case, but worth mentioning.
-Bring cheerios or puffs or some small treat your kid likes to eat, so I can stick ’em into the cake in case your babe doesn’t want to eat the cake. They may want to eat the puffs, and it looks like they are eating cake 🙂 *(I am so sneaky)


ANYWAY, this session was a blast …as cake smash sessions always are in my Algonquin photography studio.
So below are a few snaps of sweet Isaac. He is fedorable. Get it, because he’s wearing a fedora? Isaac melted my cold photographers heart, and her diet plan, as I ate most of the remainder of this delish cake.


If you’re planning on a scheduling a first birthday cake smash, Marianos is my absolute favorite spot to order from. They’ll make you any design, shape, flavor, etc. Anything you want. If you’re ordering and bringing a cake to the 1st birthday session, please be sure to set your cake out for a bit so it gets a little closer to room temperature—it’s easier for kiddos to smash if it’s mushier—and Mariano’s refrigerates their cakes, if they’re buttercream.


Cake, cameras, and babies. My job could get no better. It was awesome meeting his parents and hanging out with his darling big sister, Maureen—I hope they love their photos just as much as I do!!

1st Birthday Photographer

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