Cake Smash {Crystal Lake, IL Baby Photographer}

Cake smashes rock my socks. They are SO stinking fun (and messy). Little Olivia got bright pink cake all over my carpet….which is amazing, because I’m trying to convince my husband to rip it up so I can have a harder surface to work on. (OK, he’s not going to rip it up. He’s very “indoors”. Yep, lets call it “indoors”).  Trying to have it removed by SOMEONE ELSE to put down rustic wood stuff (per pinterest). Amazing. I doubt it’s going to happen because the carpet was literally just laid (why am I telling you this)….but if you book a cake smash, it’s a requirement your cake be a bright color that will stain my carpet.

BACK TO THE SESSION: We got so many cute shots, I’m just going to include this little bloggy board because I’m too lazy to upload them all. There are too many to choose from, it would take me forever. So I’m posting them all. In black and white. Because if you saw O’s big blue eyes in color, you might get jealous. STUNNING. Enjoy!



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