Cary, IL Photographer: Happy First Birthday, Darling Gracie!

When Grace’s parents asked me to take her First Birthday Photos a few months back, I was beyond excited not only to meet this sweet little munchkin, but also to meet her Mama And Daddy— turns out they live about a block away from me! (and Gracie’s Daddy grew up in the town of Cary, IL, like me!!)

We met on a muggy Saturday morning in Trout Valley…and decided to still do the shoot even though it was very hot and humid, (not to mention muggy) as it had rained the night before.¬†Everything around us seemed to be soggy, but we made due with what we were dealt and got some fabulous shots!

For my nervous parents out there, sometimes too much sun is worse than rain. Do not fret if you spot a few dark clouds—some of Little Birdie Photography‘s best shoots have taken place right before a torrential downpour.

ANYWAY–Grace is a stunning and smart little girl, I can’t wait to watch her grow up. She was an absolute dream to take photos of and I hope to see her awesome family again soon! Click on the gallery below to check out some of her pictures.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart! XO Kiley


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