Looking to find the best way to display your photos? Fear not! This Barrington family photographer is happy to help discuss with you the BEST way to determine print and canvas sizes for different rooms in your home. It’s important that our most photographed generation actually PRINTS their images. Personally, I’m a big fan of […]

There’s nothing I love more than accessories. Make sure to jazz up your outfit with a TOUCH of something fun (like a statement necklace) but remember: do NOT overdo it. (I feel like I’ve written this on another Fashion Friday blog post… Also–not everyone needs to be wearing patterns. Remember to KISS {Keep.it.simple.silly}   Coral […]

Soft, feminine colors. Cutesy dresses that are simple and classy. Make sure you choose something that represents YOU!  {After all, you don’t want to be wearing a Dennis Rodman style “Von Dutch” trucker hat, and a Steelers football jersey like I was circa 99-00…OY}   Senior girl outfit combo by littlebirdiephotos featuring American Eagle Outfitters

  Tan and coral senior portraits by littlebirdiephotos featuring red polka dot tops

  Tan laid back senior high school portraits by littlebirdiephotos featuring a pearl headband





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