So, now I added these adorable videos to send to my clients when they get their galleries….can’ Being a maternity & baby photographer is really THE BEST job. How did I get so lucky?? Blessed. Actually, #blessed. (all the kids still do that ### thing, right?!)

This family trekked out to see me from practically Chicago–Dad actually said to me “I have no idea where I am” during the session. Hilarious, if you ask me. We were at Raceway Woods in Carpentersville..hahaha. Not Mars. Hilarious how a 40 minute drive down the road can make you feel like you’re in another place. […]

Why do I love my job as a maternity photographer, you ask?? (OK, you didn’t ask. I’ll tell you regardless).I get to spend time with gorgeous people like R + R, and help them document an amazing time in their lives. A first for them–their first time becoming parents. Think about it. FOR YEARS they will […]

What up peeps? Haven’t been blogging much (AT ALL) lately. Been super busy. July is one of my busiest months as a photographer (and October–which is booked except like, err, one slot. Just eMail me, peeps)….everyday I’m shufflin’. (cue the dancing hamsters and Kia Soul’s). Best commercial. Anyway, I digress. Below you see Jillian, and […]

One of my BFF’s is having a baby. A sweet little girl. And they won’t tell me her name. She’ll probably have red hair, love the color pink and be covered in glitter at all times. That’s about all I can assume at this point. Just that, and the fact that she’s going to be […]





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