Chicago Kid’s Photographer: Sydney’s Many Faces

I’m pretty sure Sydney’s going to be Homecoming Queen in like, 15 years. Not only is she adorable, she’s the funniest, smartest, and most charming little gal. She’s super cool…and there’s not a smidgeon of shyness in her bones. HA.  I just said Smidgeon. (Is that even a word? Welp, no red line is showing up under smidgeon….so I guess it’s a word. You can’t see it, but on my screen right now, WELP is showing up with a red squiggle. Apparently “welp” is not a word, yet I say it 224 times a day).

I digress.

As a photographer, it’s not my job to get your kid to smile. It’s my job to get your kid be themselves. Comfortable…happy…not-stressed. The way kids should be. Yeah, sometimes I have to pull out tricks to get kiddos to breathe and relax–Telling them Mickey Mouse lives in my camera. Snorting like a pig, while simultaneously making a dolphin noise (Yep…). Creepy Bug. Dolphin noise again. Rinse and repeat.  If you ever say “SAY CHEESE” during my session, we’re gonna have a little chat….(kidding, sorta).

Pure happiness. Kids are awesome like that. Check out Sydney’s photogenic faces, and all her different “looks”. Hysterical and honest. Job well done, if I do say so myself.

sydney 6 images sneek

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