Chicago Newborn Photographer {Ava}

Whew. I was tired after Ava’s session, and she must have been, too.

Sweet little Ava’s Mom gave me a ring when Ava was already a few weeks old, because they weren’t thrilled with the images the hospital photographer provided. At this point, Ava was technically considered “too old” for newborn pictures. Most photographers insist on holding the session somewhere between baby’s first 5-10 days of life. Reason being is different for every photog, but for me, after a certain number of days, it’s harder for me to be the “baby whisperer” and get those sleepy poses parents like!! A lot of photographers won’t even take kids after a certain number of days old, but I said yes—because every child is so different—I gave it a go-’round …and it was tough…

Calm parents+patience= amazing images, regardless if baby sleeps or not!!

I cannot wait for Carey and Taso to see the pictures of their little angel. She is perfect in so many ways…so sweet and snuggly, and when she’s wide awake, she’s got a TON of personality already. Let’s all say a prayer for Mama and Daddy that their daughter sleeps better for them than she did for me 🙂 🙂 🙂  Regardless…we had a blast and got killer images…check ’em out below!!


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