Crystal Lake Toddler Photographer {D Family}

As a toddler photographer serving the Crystal Lake, Barrington and surrounding areas, I want you to know something.
I shoot during two times of the day:

1) The butt crack of dawn (as seen in this blog). Sorta like, uhm, when everyone is still supposed to be sleeping.
2) The last hour when the sun goes down….just as children are getting ready for bed. You know…when you crack the wine??


I get it–it’s not ideal, especially for sessions with little ones.  Trust me on this one, like the D family did. It’s TOTALLY worth it if we can make one of those two scenarios work. You don’t want pictures you hate, and I’m not going to take your money unless I can give you a kick butt result. I Promise.

By the way—645AM makes people look refreshed and ready for the day. Look at Mrs. D here—she’s stunning, right???  I just love the way their family photo session turned out. This little guy is the best–so well behaved and smart. Quite the observer, for sure one of those kiddos that loved to look around and check out where we were. I think Max just really, REALLY loved hanging out with Mom, Dad, me, and our 42,000 mosquito pals. He was totally in his element.

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