Dundee IL Kids Photographer: Large Family Photos at Randall Oaks

It was so super exciting to have the opportunity to shoot these large group photos in Dundee, IL at the Randall Oaks Barnyard Zoo.  (Click HERE for more info on the site for the shoot). All 8 of the kids that were there were EXTREMELY cooperative and had great grins the entire session. Large Family Photography is challenging, but luckily these guys were AMAZING to work with!

These kiddos truly were a blast to take photos of. I usually have to use tricks that help us get great smiles from the little ones….jokes, puppets, funny faces, you name it….I do whatever I have to do to “see teeth” (or gums, with the little ones)! With the Hardt Family, there was no such trickery 🙂

Here is a rather large sneak peek from Monday’s session. I couldn’t pick which photos I liked best, so they are getting over 75 images—I really hope they enjoy their photos, and you do too!

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