Barrington, IL Fall Family Photos

Zoolander said it best:
They are “really really really good looking”.

I just loved hanging with these guys last week. OH, and I want to kidnap their dog. (See below for a pic of the cutest little doggie–that’s not that little).
berg15Dontcha just love the matte finish on the image above?? I gave these folks the photo with and without the matte-ness, so they can choose.  I just thought it made it a little hazier and grainy-er (real word, google it) and I liked it.berg13Henry’s Daddy thinks he looks like an old man in this outfit. #nailed it #perfection #arethesecalled”hatch”tagsor”hashtags”?berg10Could this be the most darling Mother/Son combo EVAH?!???berg12Kisses for the guy that called him an old man…berg14Told you the dog is cute.berg11I want to eat that kids toes (kidding for all you people with no sense of humor—I don’t really eat baby toes, or any toes, for that matter).

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