Family Photographer in South Elgin, IL

It’s crazy to see these kids grow up. It happens all too quickly.

It seems like just yesterday sweet little Olivia was the ham behind my camera, and her big brother, Lucas, was terrified of me. Boy-oh-boy, roles have reversed in the time I’ve known them. Sweet and sassy Miss Olivia was a smidgeon afraid of my camera at first during this last session…but 20 minutes in she caught her groove! And Lucas….I was SHOCKED. He was showing off for my camera, and I didn’t even have to pretend I was a fireman, or make any weird noises (per usual) to help him warm up.

Kids grow & things change, but one thing hasn’t: Olivia and Lucas are BEST friends (most of the time, right Beth!?!ha!) and Olivia copies EVERYTHING Lucas does. Oh, and these kids look up to their parents like I’ve never before seen–they truly adore their Mama and Daddy. The whole family reminds me of those cute fuzzy little yellow ducklings you see crossing the road (or maybe thats just in children’s books..the ducklings around here seem to be very brownish). Yep. I compared my clients to yellow ducklings. You all can stop reading now, because I’ve lost it at 333PM on a Tuesday. I’m just saying, they look and act like a family. Like a little fuzzy duckling family.

If you’re still reading, I absolutely love this location in the Elgin area–it’s only 15 minutes from my Algonquin photography studio, and right off of I-90 and Route 31. Makes it nice and convenient being off of a few major highways. 

Best part about this location…? It has a carnival that happens each weekend. I try to avoid the funnel cakes 100% of the time, but it doesn’t always work out that way. It’s a struggle, people.

Here are a few snaps from their family photography session in Elgin, IL.corsoblog

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