Fashion Friday: Tips on what to wear to your photography session

That’s it, I’ve had it. The Internet needs to stop creating websites that occupy all of my time.

One of my clients told me about “Polyvore”. Word on da street is, it’s like Pinterest, but for fashion. It allows you to go search all the different retailers out there…and essentially copy and paste bits of clothing and/or accessories to a blank canvas (err, webpage?). So let’s say I’m looking for an “ombre maxi dress in melon and chartreuse”. It’ll scour the web and find it. Then I pin it to my “canvas” (err, webpage?) and can start making outfits.

Apparently this has been around for a long time…who knew? Ahh, thank goodness Al Gore invented the internet.

So anyway, Polyvore has now led me to my next “brilliant” idea. (That after googling, I realize many photographers already have been doing for a while now, oops).

FASHION FRIDAY. Instead of me sending you to Pinterest to look at my Pins, I’ll write a blog ┬ápost each Friday, calling it “Fashion Friday” (hopefully you get that I’m calling this posting series “Fashion Friday”). Now you fancy folks can come on my website and find fashion inspiration before your photo session with me!

OK. Well, this is a long posting. Keep an eye out today for my first what-to-wear blog post!!

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