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Welllllll helllooooo there, children of Earth!! (Said in my Santa voice. Which is an actual thing, ok???) It’s your favorite Barrington Kids Photographer—with a freebie!
Tis’ the season to be Merry (Well, that’s my name!! Christmas Vacation, anyone?? No?? My names’s not Merry, or Mary. It’s Kiley. And I like to quote movies. Okay moving onnnnn….)

Because I’m feeling particularly jolly, and beautiful white snow is falling from the sky, I’d like to offer you this freebie printable thingy….maybe use it for a fun frame in your living room!? Or not. You could also opt to download it, and just forget to print it like I’ll probably do…haha. *RIGHT AFTER THE IMAGE THERE IS A LINK TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF—IT IS A BETTER QUALITY THAN THE PHOTO POSTED*


Here’s the full resolution PDF file…enjoy!  santa-stop-here-freebie-printable

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