Gilberts, IL Family Photographer {The M’s}

This blog was set to go out yesterday, as I was simultaneously editing and cooking up some apps for a few people we were entertaining last night. WAS–the key word in that long run-on of a sentence.

But, I smelled smoke, and my plans changed.

To answer your questions:

Yes, I did in fact burn the bruschetta bread thingies.
No, I did not serve them.

TGIAW. (Thank gosh it’s almost winter).

Fall is NUTS here at the H house—my husband goes crazy for any sort of holiday (especially those which fall from October to January) so we fill our weekends with apple orchard, pumpkin patches, bonfires in our backyard fire pit thingie…and all the like. Then add like, 5 weekend fall family photo shoots, (including those 5AM wake up calls for sunrise shoots) and it’s really bonkers.

I wouldn’t have it any other way, but whew, is winter here yet? None of my clients have had to wait close to that 3 week deadline for photos—I feel like I’ve been a machine.
Here’s to another gallery. The M family has it all together, unlike us at the Humbert house… Two twins and a big brother that I want as my own. Rockstars who toughed out the cold weather for some awesome photos—worth it!!

Check ’em out below!!


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