Grayson the Elf {Chicago Holiday Photography}

Can you believe it’s the middle of December already?

Grayson came to see me last week for some holiday photos in my home studio in Algonquin. G is almost 3 months old, which is a tough milestone to photograph. Typically, 3 month olds aren’t really able to pick their heads up too well, and they usually don’t smile when you need them to.

Totally not the case with this guy. Can you believe he can get his head up that high AND smile at the same time?? Amazing. Check out a few of his pictures below, and please like our Facebook page to check out more cutie pie kiddos like Grayson!

If you remember–Grayson was also the sweet guy who came to see me when he was just a few days old. You can read up more about him anytime…go ahead…look at his cuteness.

  1. Grayson’s 3 Month Photos : McHenry County Kids Photographer » Little Birdie Photography

    January 29th, 2014 at 11:29 pm

    […] end…Look at this cuteness from Mr. G. Can you believe how much he’s grown up since his last session? Worth every minute of my fingers (and brain) […]

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