Hey Hallie! {Chicago Newborn Photographer}

Hey Hallie, you’re in for a real treat. You happen to have the BEST big brother in the whole wide world. (Mom & Dad aren’t too bad either!)

Being a Chicago area newborn photographer is a blast, and I think it’s the best job ever. There’s a lot that goes in to what makes these pictures, and it isn’t as easy as it looks. I use professional lighting equipment, backdrop stands, props, blankets, space heaters, and a zillion other little tricks to help baby feel comfortable. Then there’s the editing. It takes A VERY LONG TIME TO EDIT PHOTOS. (Luckily for you, and my clients…I don’t sleep. At least not often)

What do you think of Sweet Hallie? I’m in love with those toes, lips and her cute little nose. Ugh, gives me baby fever {As my 1.5 year old pulls electrical cords out of walls, and gurgles with yogurt—not in tandem, of course}


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