Baby H’s Maternity Session {Schaumburg, IL Maternity Photographer}

What up peeps? Haven’t been blogging much (AT ALL) lately. Been super busy. July is one of my busiest months as a photographer (and October–which is booked except like, err, one slot. Just eMail me, peeps)….everyday I’m shufflin’. (cue the dancing hamsters and Kia Soul’s). Best commercial. Anyway, I digress.

Below you see Jillian, and her cutie pie bump. That guy in the pictures is her super cool hubby, James.
These two lobsters (lobsters mate for life..get it?!) were the most prepared peeps for their session with me….unlike anyone else I’ve ever photographed.

So.Many.Pose. Ideas.

Made my job easy, but more importantly, made my job FUN. Love them for that.  I am counting down the days until I photograph their “little peanut”….not much longer at all!

Jill and James, you two are going to be amazing parents. There’s nothing better than having a baby–I know firsthand.  My own is standing next to me yelling PANCAKE as he holds up a frozen waffle to his forehead. (Why I ask you, why?) Life gets better and better every day, and I couldn’t be happier for you two to experience the joys of parenthood 🙂

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