Hoffman Estates 1st Birthday Photographer

Will, oh sweet will. As a Hoffman Estates 1st Birthday Photographer, Hall & Oates said it best: “You make my dreams come true”.

This blog. Filled with cuteness and a great big smile, as we travelled out to the “wilderness” of the Northwest Chicago Suburbs to help capture this 1st birthday milestone. 

I’ve photographed this little mister every three months (at least) since he was born. I met Will when he was just a few days old, and quickly fell in love. He is, and has always been, absolute perfection. And now, he’s one! That smile, holy cow, right?!?  Will + Mama travelled over and hour long in the car for their session—clearly their road trip didn’t bother this little stud muffin. Super glad Daddy got to meet us too—these three peas in a pod are just so sweet and some of my favorites to work with (if photographers can have favorites).

If you or someone you know is interested in booking an outdoor Hoffman Estates 1st Birthday Session, please eMail me at littlebirdiephotos@gmail.com or click the contact link in blue and send me your request for more info. All packaging and pricing information is always updated and ready for your review!


Hoffman Estates 1st Birthday Photographer

Hoffman Estates 1st Birthday Photographer

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