Hoffman Estates Baby Photographer

GIVE ME YOUR BABIES. Ok, that sounds weird…but seriously. I love them. I LOVE photographing newborn babies.

If you or someone you know is expecting, please feel free to send them to this Hoffman Estates Baby Photographer ANY time. Located minutes from the Barrington/Hoffman Estates area, I love photographing newborns almost more than any part of my job. What’s my favorite part of my job???! Ordering props for the newborn sessions….haha.


There’s nothing better than documenting the first few days of life. I love it when clients bring in a sentimental object we can use during the session, to keep things personal. It’s great when each session can be unique and different, plus it keeps things fun (and sometimes challenging) for me, too.  See the basket in the photos below??? Elle’s (Great) Aunt (I believe…) made that to match her nursery.
I see that picture hung BIG in canvas above her crib. Beauteous. Didn’t know beauteous was a word, but I’m guessing it is because spell check isn’t picking it up…Ok..rambling on again….Here are a few pics of sweetheart Elle’s session in my studio near Hoffman Estates, IL.


Hoffman Estates Newborn Photographer

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