Inverness Family Photographer {4 kids with awesome parents}

Blog 2 of the day. I’m on fiiirreee… That’s just how I roll. Mmm Food that isn’t leftover KitKat Bars from Halloween….

Check out the below pictures from my session a few weeks back with the H crew. 4 boys, all totally different with unique, hilarious personalities.
They need a TV show. Mom is totally “eye rolling” right now, probably saying I shouldn’t feed their egos…but for real. The H dudes are awesome.

I made the twins hug (below)….and look at the cuteness that ensued. Big brother was not wanting to “pose”, so I made him go pose with a tree, just to be the “mean photographer”. He told me posing with a tree was dumb, and I couldn’t agree more…but look at his cute little preppy smile!!!

Loved that I could boss these kids around and still make them laugh at the same time. The middle brother has a freaking faux hawk thing. Super fitting for him, because he was the silliest, funniest one of ’em all.  It was such a fun, lighthearted shoot, I totally enjoyed myself. I hope to see this buddies again soon…and their super cute Mom, too! (Dad is just OK 🙂 )



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