Summer Family Photos in Chicago, IL

Did I tell you? I’m tired. Today, I’m very, very tired. I preface this blog with the “I’m tired statement”, as I’m not going to proofread this, nor read it aloud to check for flow or sentence structure. And yes, I will tell you about this session, but first, I complain. MWAHAHA) because I’m tired. “But Kiley, why are you so tired?”, you ask?

I have an (almost) 2 year old son who won’t stop yelling profanities at people in Home Goods because he THINKS he’s saying things like “truck” or “cluck”, or even “clock”. Why else am I tired? Because said 2 year old is also getting his 2 year molars in, all 4 at once and it makes him non-stop whiney.  Because he won’t stop pointing to the chest of anyone who’s holding him, and saying “Boobs” (uhm, OK–this is my fault, I thought it would be funny, now it has backfired). Because he tries to take his own diaper off every time he has “used” it.

You are visiting the blog of a children’s photographer, so I’m assuming most of you have kids. You’ve been there (or are about to be there, congrats parents of newborns or newly preggo people, it’s a wild, amazing ride). I hope you’ve all been there when your kid won’t stop pointing to people, while he yells at them “EWWW” or “GUYYYYYYY”. (Even to women). I can be tired, right??

If you pray, pray for me. If you don’t pray, maybe throw a penny in to a fountain and make a wish that I keep my sanity because it is s.l.o.w.l.y leaving Las Vegas. Correcting the word “clock” and constantly carrying a whiny 30+ lb man child is draining me.

SO BASICALLY—my clients are the only thing keeping me from loosing it. The two+ hours I spend each day working on editing photos takes me out of my little (wonderful) world here at the Humbert house. Life is amazing, even better than that, but it’s nice to “get away”. When I edited these, it brought me back to a few weeks ago when I met the K family….such smily, sunny, happy people. Mom & Dad are SO in love, and I loved that they specifically wanted pictures of the two of them together. How awesome. Usually I have to beg for that. 🙂  Their two perfect kiddos were blonde and had big blue eyes. Absolute perfection–so beautiful and smart. We ended up catching some awesome light at this location—and these photos below are an example of why I shoot at dusk only…unless you BEG 🙂 (kidding, dont beg).

It might be rough with molars, poor word choices, and all the other shenanigans, but I’ve realized one thing in being a Mom-tographer: You don’t get these days back, and little girls only spin in the sun for so long before they want to wear blue eyeshadow and borrow your car. Fact. Capture these moments now. I can’t wait to show this family their images, and I hope they keep them close for years to come.

This was a long, pointless blog. So on that note…

I’m going to bed (or to sit on Facebook or watch VEEP or do something cool–side note: have you seen VEEP? Hysterical. Funniest show I’ve EVER seen–it’s on HBO).


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