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I’d like to pose a question to you all: am I the only person who watches Homeland?!?????? I feel like no one is talking about it, which is making me concerned. People need to watch it. My worst fear is that it will be taken off air and I’ll be so bored I’ll have to take up sewing or something….

IT IS SUCH A GOOD SHOW YOU NEED TO WATCH IT!!! And it’s getting me through this Fall’s photo busy season—I secretly re-watch the episodes to look for clues while I’m editing. Then when my husband comes home, and asks me if I got a lot done, I reply “no” because duh…I didn’t watch 5 hours of TV. I worked all day.

Homeland. It’s ALL for Homeland. My photography business is just a mask for my obsession with television.

You might be wondering….”Kiley, why do you blog at all? Isn’t this TV talk irrelevant to Little Birdie Photography??”

Great questions. I of course, have a lengthy answer for you :
I fill this blog with nothingness because I can…mwahahaha!! Oh, and FB is restricting how many of you see the pictures of this awesome family–and I want to brighten the world with my clients’ cuteness. The blog allows me to do this. And I love talking to you guys about nothingness. It’s a win win. You get pictures, I get to ramble on…

SOO…today, in lieu of telling you how much I loved these peeps (which I did…the Mom was so cool I want to go shopping with her and be her BFF…haha) I will tell you about some TV shows that I watch while editing. I encourage you to watch them. I have excellent taste in everything except fancy cheeses and cleaning ladies (I’ve bonged a few. In my house, bonged means fired. Yes I have a cleaning lady. I am too busy with TV to clean. She comes 2x per month, calm down).


1. Game of Thrones. ‘Nuff Said. There’s a rumor going around that my husband and I dress up like these people for fun. Like “cosplay” or something. I can barely put on jeans, let alone a Cersi costume.
2. Newsroom. If you can get past Jeff Daniels as the Dumb and Dumber guy, this is a winner too. The final season of the series starts soon, so hurry up and catch up.
3. THE MINDY PROJECT. Hilarious Hilarious Hilarious.
4. Veep. The funniest show I’ve ever seen in my entire life. If you like this show, we are automatically friends. Gary the Bag Man is my homeboy. The VEEP is my favorite tv character of all time.

Is that enough to get you started?? Dante’s Peak just came on TMC and I’ve got a date with Pierce Brosnan and an apocalyptic mountain.






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