Libertyville Photographer: Molly’s on the Bloggie!

Someone help me. I’ve lost my mind, as well as my impulse control. Hi, My name is Kiley, and I’ve got a problem.
I can’t stop buying props, especially backdrops.

Have you all heard of ? I shop there often. They have lots of stuff. Bracelets. Bubble necklaces. Backdrops. Camera straps. Random leggings. Key chains with little monkeys on them. I have to have it all. Tons of stuff I don’t need. It’s like, Zulily meets Groupon meets my dreams. (Did I mention it’s cheap?? As in cost, not quality).

Welp, they offered Valentines Day backdrops from Bubblegum Backdrops (one of my FAVE vendors), and I ordered like, a zillion of them (OK, four).

These puppies are girlie & amazing and they showed up 1 day before Molly’s session. Had.To.Use.Them.

This kiddo is stunningly gorgeous with big brown eyes and perfect hair. Little chickie was the most well behaved 2 year old–it was unreal. I was shocked that simply hiding her snowman (Olaf) under a bucket would yield such amazing shots. I had so much fun. And I want to hangout with her Mom, a lot. She was super cool and totes my style. Love me some cool parents! You all make my job super fun, and I am so grateful 🙂

Here’s a few shots from our awesome session. Mama and Daddy get her gallery this week. EEEEK!!!


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