Mt. Prospect Children and Family Photographer, {The Evers Family}

What if my brain explodes from editing? Is that possible? WHEW!!!

2013 was CRAZY to say the least….Crazy amazing!!  I am so grateful for everyone’s support and love of my art. Thankfully, busy season DID NOT end this year, and I haven’t taken any time off since….well….I can’t remember. Finally, I’m spending some time catching up the blog, and updating the website. I actually have been taking pictures of my own family (I don’t edit ever. My kiddo’s scratches and boogers will stay on his face memorialized forever…sorry Cole!!)

You’ll see A LOT coming from me over the next few days. I can’t wait to share with you all the amazing sessions (which date back to like…August. Oy!!)

With that being said, please check out the Evers Family. Could they be any stinking cuter? It was 15-ish degrees out during their session, but they hung in there and you couldn’t even tell how cold everyone was. Look at that peanut little sister…how lucky is she to have such handsome (and nice–seriously, the nicest boys ever!!) big brothers??!


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