My new friend Alex from Algonquin, IL: a 2nd Birthday Photo Session

Happy 2nd Birthday to my outstanding little buddy, Alex! This little peanut and I met up to play at Randall Oaks Petting Zoo (which I’m spacing, but I think it’s technically in Dundee?) this morning, in hopes of capturing her 2nd birthday!

I absolutely adore the way this session turned out–there were too many cool and cutesy pictures to choose from. Alex’s Mom and Dad are SUPER photogenic, and knew just how to make their little one smile for the camera.

Alex is so full of life and awesome to hang out with. This session turned out beautifully not just because of it’s subjects, but because of IDEAL photographers conditions. It was cooler out (since it was 8:30 AM), there were no distractions of other people around (we were the only ones at Randall Oaks), the light was perfect (the strong sun hadn’t come out yet), and these folks were dressed in clothes that didn’t distract from the photos—but complemented the environment they were in.

What a great time I had this morning. While Alex was a little shy at first, she gave me a big hug goodbye. I think she finally realized how much we have in common: We both love petting zoos, Finding Nemo, sandboxes, and running. Ok, I hate running. But everything else we have in common.

Lots of love to my little lady friend–check out a few pics from her AWESOME session below!

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