Ordering a Canvas {Barrington, IL}

Looking to find the best way to display your photos? Fear not! This Barrington family photographer is happy to help discuss with you the BEST way to determine print and canvas sizes for different rooms in your home. It’s important that our most photographed generation actually PRINTS their images. Personally, I’m a big fan of ordering a canvas versus a large scale print. I like the depth and dimension, and I think it’s just plain classy. That’s just me.


When in doubt, bigger is usually better. And don’t get that cheap crap (yep, I said it) from other “bargain” companies. It’s.not.the.same. My canvas is coated with a special surface material to help preserve quality so it doesnt fade over time. Also—you can’t just print any old photo on canvas and expect it to look great. I have special contrast and sharpening tricks to make sure this family heirloom looks amazing for years to come.


Interested in ordering a wall canvas for your home or office? Please eMail kiley at littlebirdiephotos@gmail.com and mention this post. If you eMail me before 11/1, I’ll be sure to take $20 off your order of $100 or more. Who doesn’t love a good coupon??
canvas sizes appropriate for your home

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