Palatine Children’s Photographer {1st Birthday Photos}

My own kid, Cole,  is sitting under my editing desk right now doing a “puzzle” (AKA eating the pieces) while I write this post, so bear with me. It’s sort of distracting because he keeps saying “Mom.Mom. MOOOMMMM” every 22 seconds.

As a photographer in Algonquin, I’m fortunate to have my very own home studio. Located in my basement,  (we had a super special room built on juuuuustt for me…how lucky am I?) this is where I do all of my studio shoots. All the images you see (that aren’t outside, obvi) are done here. I have some crazy-cool lighting equipment (from Alien Bee’s–cool name, huh) and a ton of backdrops and floor drops. And pretty much every prop under the sun. It’s a blast, and I’m so proud of what I’ve created. And did I mention, so grateful to have my husband who lets me use like, 800 square feet (or something, I really have no idea) of our home to live my dream.

Makes it easy to capture these awesome moments with these awesome clients I have. Check out sweetie pie Ashley. She turned one yesterday. She loooveeed taking pictures, and I had too many to choose when I posted her gallery. That’s a good problem to have. I hope you enjoy her 1st Birthday photo session!

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