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Ohhh, the legendary cake smash. Sometimes less cake is more cake. Sometimes 1 year olds HATE cake. Allie’s first birthday cake smash was a bag of emotions, which is so typical for a 1 year old. She loved her cute little dress, and kept giggling at her parents—so sweet—the tears only started when she saw the cake. Ironic for this session, as this little darling’s Mama + Daddy are TOTAL foodies. Dad is even in the restaurant business….hmmm. Maybe Allie’s standards for excellent food have already been established? None the less, this Park Ridge cake smash photographer loved every shot we got. Alligator tears and all. Now don’t get me wrong—I love a good ‘smile and say “cheese” ‘ photo—but I will NEVER force it, or fake it by photoshopping on a smile (trust me, I can photoshop anything. Like, anything. So always be nice to me…haha kidding. Sorta).  Anyway, the whole point in taking photos of your children is to capture who they are, happy or sad (or just mad that Mom brought a sole cupcake, and not a cake. Maybe that was it—Allie wanted an entire CAKE to smash!!!….). Allie is beautiful. Life is beautiful. Cake is beautiful. And let me capture all of that and it’s glory. I shoot cake sessions both indoor and outdoor, all year round. Mini sessions are best, in my opinion….easy, affordable, and best of all, low stress because they are quick!  To find out more,  check out my pricing page to see rates and details.

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