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This family trekked out to see me from practically Chicago–Dad actually said to me “I have no idea where I am” during the session. Hilarious, if you ask me. We were at Raceway Woods in Carpentersville..hahaha. Not Mars. Hilarious how a 40 minute drive down the road can make you feel like you’re in another place.

Anyway, when you work with this Park Ridge Family Photographer, I make it my number 1 goal to capture your family in the state in which they normally exist. For these two sisters, (and the baby in Mama’s belly) their normal state is hugging and smooching and snuggling. And then snuggling some more.  I couldn’t get enough of their session, which is why their gallery has double the amount of photos than usual…:) 🙂

Have you ever seen such happy kids? Probably not, unless you scrolled back through my blog.
Chicago Family Photographer_0203Chicago Family Photographer_0221Chicago Family Photographer_0215Chicago Family Photographer_0236Chicago Family Photographer_0233Chicago Family Photographer_0232Chicago Family Photographer_0222Chicago Family Photographer_0235Chicago Family Photographer_0234Chicago Family Photographer_0231Chicago Family Photographer_0230Chicago Family Photographer_0229Chicago Family Photographer_0228Chicago Family Photographer_0227Chicago Family Photographer_0200Chicago Family Photographer_0226Chicago Family Photographer_0225Chicago Family Photographer_0198Chicago Family Photographer_0223Chicago Family Photographer_0196Chicago Family Photographer_0219Chicago Family Photographer_0218Chicago Family Photographer_0220Chicago Family Photographer_0216Chicago Family Photographer_0217Chicago Family Photographer_0214Chicago Family Photographer_0204Chicago Family Photographer_0213Chicago Family Photographer_0212Chicago Family Photographer_0210Chicago Family Photographer_0209Chicago Family Photographer_0208Chicago Family Photographer_0195Chicago Family Photographer_0211Chicago Family Photographer_0205Chicago Family Photographer_0207Chicago Family Photographer_0206Chicago Family Photographer_0202Chicago Family Photographer_0201Chicago Family Photographer_0197

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