McHenry, IL Family Photographer {P’s}

Not much needs to be said about this session. I’m a woman of few words (HA), so I’ll do my best to write about what this family means to me.

Everything. There you have it. They mean everything to me.

See, Nikki was my first friend, or at least the first I can remember. There are too many stories you don’t need to hear about…too many stories about us eating quarts of ice cream, chalk murals, “Franc”, “talking when we’ve mellowed”, dashikis, and more. Over the last 25 years, thirty thousand other amazing memories have happened, and sadly, I don’t have time to write about them today…mainly because my child is playing with a wine opener. The old fashion kind, with the sharp end. #MOTY. (Mom of the Year).

Someday I will chronicle the great love affair between Pickle and Birdie (our respective nicknames). Someday, you will be amused; as we are the Beavis and Butthead of the real world. (This is the wrong place for a semi-colon, yes?)

Regarding this Mom: Nobody laughs harder at my jokes. Nobody can do a better accent (seriously, any accent, she can do it).  Nobody was a better Ren’s Mom. Nobody is as unwilling to go to Ikea. Nobody makes me look taller. Nobody adds more fun.

Thank God for my amazing best friends. To be honest, I have two and that’s all I need. (LOANER ALERTTT!) Unless you count my husband..but he mostly just pays my bills and that’s his role 😉

The obligitory “Lion King Pride Rock” re-enactment.

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