Sunset Family Session {Barrington, IL}

Did ya miss me?!?! The Hubs and I are back from Europe….we had a great time, but hey, there’s work to be done!! There’s no time to chat about how we toured the Champagne region in France, or danced our faces off in Barcelona. No time.  It might only be August, but I’m already planning awesome things for 2015 (and the rest of this year, too!).

So, about this session. Not much to say, other than it was absolute perfection. Man, oh man…where does the time go? Over the past year I’ve just loved watching Miss G grow, and getting to know her Mama, too (I think she is the.funniest.chick.ever). Seems like yesterday G could barely lift her own noggin, now she’s babbling away and ready to make moves.

Look at that bow. And those eyes. It’s no surprise Genevieve is so dang cute, look at her parents. All three of em are like a JCrew ad or something, which is super unfair to the rest of us goons (kidding, I’m super attractive. Picture Flo from the Progressive commercials meets the randomness of Maya Rudolph. I’m actually the winner of the genetic lotto).  We clocked this session at 35 minutes and we swatted gross bugs the whole time.

The more mosquitos, the better the shoot….enjoy the sneaks below!


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