Sweet Elliot, Happy 1st Birthday {1 year old Photos in Algonquin, IL)

I run out of unique things to say. Or at least I feel like I do. Feeling like I gush over how cute and sweet each kid is (they really are–no lie), I’m going to try to avoid it in this post.

On that note, here’s what REALLY happened during Elliot’s session.
1) The parents arrived to my Algonquin studio (the last people to ever use my OLD studio…now I have a NEW studio in my basement…whoooooo!!! more space!!)
2) Elliot got changed in to her 1st outfit
3) She was smiley and cute and fun and I snapped a few pictures
4) Elliot got a little crabby because she was hungry. SNACK BREAK!! (not for me…darn)
5) Outfit change!!! (and maybe a little more snack)
6) Camera goes back to work
7) Pop outside for a few freezing family pictures (It was like, 35 degrees….oy!)
8) Elliot’s Mama and Daddy get their pictures within 2 weeks
9) I write this blog post
10) You check out a sample of Elliot’s 1st Birthday photos below


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