Welllllll helllooooo there, children of Earth!! (Said in my Santa voice. Which is an actual thing, ok???) It’s your favorite Barrington Kids Photographer—with a freebie! Tis’ the season to be Merry (Well, that’s my name!! Christmas Vacation, anyone?? No?? My names’s not Merry, or Mary. It’s Kiley. And I like to quote movies. Okay moving […]

My sweet little niece Eve, during her 9 month baby photos.  Simple and sweet–just the way I like all my sessions. A focus on the baby, not the photography set up.  Forgive my sassyness and sort-of-swear word usage, but too often I see a lot of people having their child’s photos taken with a bunch […]

My kid has been napping for almost 4 hours, and I’m not gonna lie–it’s feeling good. Real good. Figured while I have some freedom, in lieu of watching “The Mindy Project” like I want to, I’ll sit down and write a blog post to show off some killer Valentine’s Day Mini session images. This past […]

Did ya miss me?!?! The Hubs and I are back from Europe….we had a great time, but hey, there’s work to be done!! There’s no time to chat about how we toured the Champagne region in France, or danced our faces off in Barcelona. No time.  It might only be August, but I’m already planning […]





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