There’s nothing I love more than accessories. Make sure to jazz up your outfit with a TOUCH of something fun (like a statement necklace) but remember: do NOT overdo it. (I feel like I’ve written this on another Fashion Friday blog post… Also–not everyone needs to be wearing patterns. Remember to KISS {}   Coral […]

Soft, feminine colors. Cutesy dresses that are simple and classy. Make sure you choose something that represents YOU!  {After all, you don’t want to be wearing a Dennis Rodman style “Von Dutch” trucker hat, and a Steelers football jersey like I was circa 99-00…OY}   Senior girl outfit combo by littlebirdiephotos featuring American Eagle Outfitters

  Fashion Friday: Dark and Stormy {Guys Senior Photos} by littlebirdiephotos on Polyvore

  Tan and coral senior portraits by littlebirdiephotos featuring red polka dot tops

  Tan laid back senior high school portraits by littlebirdiephotos featuring a pearl headband





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