Oh man. Yet another one of my newborns turned one years old. OK, not one of MY newborns, as in, he’s not my own child…but I really really really REALLY love this little guy. I’ve photographed him since he was born. And actually, now that I think about it, I’ve photographed Patrick since he was […]

My own kid, Cole, ┬áis sitting under my editing desk right now doing a “puzzle” (AKA eating the pieces) while I write this post, so bear with me. It’s sort of distracting because he keeps saying “Mom.Mom. MOOOMMMM” every 22 seconds. As a photographer in Algonquin, I’m fortunate to have my very own home studio. […]

When Grace’s parents asked me to take her First Birthday Photos a few months back, I was beyond excited not only to meet this sweet little munchkin, but also to meet her Mama And Daddy— turns out they live about a block away from me! (and Gracie’s Daddy grew up in the town of Cary, […]





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