Welllllll helllooooo there, children of Earth!! (Said in my Santa voice. Which is an actual thing, ok???) It’s your favorite Barrington Kids Photographer—with a freebie! Tis’ the season to be Merry (Well, that’s my name!! Christmas Vacation, anyone?? No?? My names’s not Merry, or Mary. It’s Kiley. And I like to quote movies. Okay moving […]

Whoa. 9 Months. This little dude is 9 months old. Seems like just yesterday he was in my studio for his newborn session….ahhh memories. Like the corners of my mind. (get it…nope…google it) It’s been awesome watching Grayson grow over the past year–it’s amazing to see him go from darker hair, to no hair, to […]

It’s blog time!! I’ve been falling behind with this, so I apologize in advance. Fall is tax season to Chicago Suburb Photographers. Everyone wants to capture the changing leaves, gorgeous light, and get those Holiday Cards off their plates. I’m doing my best, so bear with me!! Check out this little darling below–everyone, meet Haylee! […]

Cole needed to get his 10 month old photos (where does time go??) taken, so guess who took them? Poor little Cole. Everywhere he goes, I follow closely with a camera. His first word will probably be “cheese”….check out more of Cole on the blog HERE. It was last Wednesday night when the Blackhawks went in […]





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