{Will & Meghan: Engaged} Riverside, IL Engagement Photography

Uhm, swoon. This session was done at a Fire Station in Riverside, IL, where our Groom, Will, works 🙂 I was PUMPED when they asked me to do their engagement photos, but was SO EXCITED BEYOND WORDS (caps lock cannot even state my level of excitement) when they told me we were going to be able to use a REAL-LIFE fire truck as a prop. It’s basically a dream prop and session of mine.

Did I tell you guys I love LOVE. I’m obsessed with newly engaged couples, and these two really were amazing. They are each other’s lobsters (get it-?-lobsters mate for life!) The way they looked in to each others eyes, from the way they laughed at each others jokes, Meghan and Will were and are picture perfect. Meant to be. For sure. I wish them nothing but happiness because they deserve it. Ugh. Love. ‘Nuff said.

Here are a few session pics—these are a few of my favorites but there are MORE than this times like, a zillion. I had trouble picking. EEK.

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